What is Privacy Switch?
Privacy Switch is a Chrome extension that allows you to perform web searches privately, without having to worry about anyone tracking you. You can now search confidently, knowing that what you search isn't being tied back to any of your personally identifiable information. Learn More.


The Story
Online security and privacy is one of the most talked about issues in the world these days. There are new headlines almost everyday, about hacks, data breaches and our diminishing privacy rights. On top of that, your online behaviour is being tracked constantly, and some pretty big companies are building a profile of who you are. This data is being bought and sold all over the world, and advertisers can 'bid' on you, based on your search history. 

Well, we didn't like the direction this was going, so our team decided to build a tool to help. The technology behind Privacy Switch is the culmination of years of experience in web security and technology. We realized we had the knowledge to reintroduce privacy into the search process, which is important, because searching the web has become a part of everyone's daily life. 
The result: Privacy Switch. The best tool you can find to protect your searches from all those prying eyes. We hope you'll find it as useful as we have. Flip the Switch and take back control of your Privacy!



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